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[E-devel] E lib submission

Greetings fellow E-landers.

Over the easter weekend the aboundance of candy gave
me a tase for eye-candy :),
while browsing my home dir i fell upon ematrix written
by Ibukun Olumuyiwa and i saw that it was sweet!!! :)
Then it hit me wouldn't it be great if i could use it
as a screensaver ... so after converting it to 
a Evas smart object and modifying some e17 code ... lo
and behold it was delicious and i enjoyed it ( see
screenshots in archive ).
But then i pondered wouldn't it be wonderful if it
could be plugable so i started on a journey that led
me to ....
modules, i then took a few minutes to figure out the
best way to do it as a module, but, that soon ended
when i
realised that it would require too much work and i was
So a few more minutes of brainstorming and ....

Enter Esa.

Esa stands for Esmart Animation (yeah the name kinda
Basically it's a Evas smart object wrapped around
regular evas code that can be loaded dynamically (did
someone say plugin?).
So the code once loaded can be manipulated as an evas

Right now there are 3 demos available:
  - default  :  code taken from evas test written by
Rasterman ( graphics by Raster?)
  - ematrix  :  code written by Ibukun Olumuyiwa (
graphics by Ibukun?)
  - pixelman :  code written by Rephorm ( graphics by

Esa could loosely be compared to Edje running an
animation in a loop.
Esa modules being pure evas code, Esa can (well should
haven't tested it yet ...) also be reused in it's

Esa is not yet complete, it needs testing, pluging,
filling, auto-tooling, and *ing :D

I've already started testing in e17 by  as that was my
primary goal and it works pretty well, 
have a look in the screeshot dir for a "sneak peek".

Get it here :

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