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Re: [E-devel] plans for new epplets release ?

Mike Frysinger wrote:
the last epplets release is horribly outdated ... be nice to have a new snapshot at least ...

I think most of the issues I know of, including the e16.8 problem with
E-Slides you mentioned, are fixed now.

I have uploaded epplets-0.9 to SF. I'm not sure how solid things are, the imlib2 port was somewhat quick and dirty, and this stuff probably doesn't get too much testing these days.

In case anybody wonders... There is no 0.8 release. 0.8 has been living so long in CVS that several distributions have epplets-0.8 cvs snapshot packages. As the port to imlib2 at least internally is a major change I though it was best to bump the version to 0.9.