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Re: [E-devel] Efl High level documentation

> > > However there is not any high level documentation.
> > > I mean documentation which describes the concepts of efl.
> > > Most people think (I may be mistaken) that efl is another
> > > toolkit like gtk+ or qt. Of course this is not true.
> > I would be very interested in this sort of documentation.  I would also
> > be interested in contributing what I know.  Have you seen the edje book
> > and similar things?
> >
> > The big problem is the that things are still changing too much for any
> > big picture stuff to stay relevant for long.  The big picture for how
> > modules work for instance, it's gonna undergo a radical change any
> > minute now.  So any high level documentation will have to track some
> > rapidly moving targets.
> I would be happy to help out with something like this, but don't have the time 
> to lead / manage anything at the moment (and would definitely rather spend 
> most of what time I do have coding) . I'm not sure who would be best for the 
> job. Someone with enough EFL coding experience to understand the intended 
> design , but who also has free time and doesn't feel like coding? Not sure 
> such a beast exists... :)

Ok then.
I will start some draft document with my ideas only.
As soon as I have something solid I will notify the list
in order to get feedback.

Keeping up with the rest of Efl documents I will use Docbook XML.


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