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Re: [E-devel] FISL 7.0

I'll probably be at Fisl (along with my laptop running e17 smoothly),
although it might be offtopic.

EFL is great, indeed, and it'll show up to more and more people as the
time comes. I still didn't have much time to play with the libs, but the
provided documentation, mostly in form of example code, is
straight-forward and the end result is high-quality software.

Lately I've been busy porting an IAX2 client (softphone) from SDL to
Evas, with very good results. Hopefully I'll have a release of it soon.

All EFL libraries are being a lot useful and this message means nothing
but a thanks to the developers.

On Mon, 2006-04-10 at 22:32 +0000, Douglas De Toni wrote:
> Hello all!!
> Just to remind everyone (if anyone know about it :) that in 9 days
> starts the International Free Software Forum at Porto Alegre, Brasil.
> http://fisl.softwarelivre.org
> I will be there as a proud E user and will spread all the good news
> that I heard here since I joined the e-devel lists... unfortunately i
> dont have a notebook yet to show people what E is becoming and I hope
> to find someone there with it........ but I can setup VNC on my home
> computer anyway just to give a shoot to the people there :D
> Now my personal appealing:
> Some Years ago I saw the  GNome  presentation with Miguel de Icaza and
> last year I saw the KDE presentation with their project leader......so
> at this point you now what Im talking about :)
> Come to Brasil Raster!!! and the full e-devel team would be great
> too :)
> Serious, if I get you in contact with the Organization team of the
> FISL  would you, or some devel representing the E team, try to come
> next year and formely present the E project to Brasil???
> Thanks, 
> Douglas De Toni
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