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[E-devel] FISL 7.0

Hello all!!
Just to remind everyone (if anyone know about it :) that in 9 days starts the International Free Software Forum at Porto Alegre, Brasil.


I will be there as a proud E user and will spread all the good news that I heard here since I joined the e-devel lists... unfortunately i dont have a notebook yet to show people what E is becoming and I hope to find someone there with it........ but I can setup VNC on my home computer anyway just to give a shoot to the people there :D

Now my personal appealing:

Some Years ago I saw the  GNome  presentation with Miguel de Icaza and last year I saw the KDE presentation with their project leader......so at this point you now what Im talking about :)

Come to Brasil Raster!!! and the full e-devel team would be great too :)

Serious, if I get you in contact with the Organization team of the FISL  would you, or some devel representing the E team, try to come next year and formely present the E project to Brasil???

Douglas De Toni

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