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Re: [E-devel] Super_L keybinding

Hi Dan,

The reason why it is setuped in such a way is, because, I have
standard keyboard,
without any special keys, and, I wrote and tested this code with it. I
first time here about Super_L key. It seams that your patch is
correct. Moreover, some people were complaining that there is no
possibility to assigne sun keybord keys. Since I do not know all this
special key I implemented just common one. If somebody could point me
to the list of all this keys,
of course, I would add them to config dialog.

BTW, this is still hardcoded way of defining them. Probably there
should be a better way of checking keybord modifiers.


On 4/10/06, dan sinclair <zero@perplexity.org> wrote:
> Hello,
> I was wondering if there is a reason why, when using the keybinding
> configuration dialog, you can't bind to just the Super_L or Super_R keys
> anymore. I can do it through enlightenment_remote but the config panel
> dosen't accept it. (I typically bind Super_L to exec eterm.)
> The attached patch will remove this limitation, but as I don't know that
> code I don't want to just apply it. Any reasons why this shouldn't go
> in? Or why it's currently setup this way?
> Thanks,
> dan

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