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Re: [E-devel] patch to load fonts for missed glyphs (fontconfig)

>I have just completed a patch which does the same
thing. >But I do it at 
>the engine level instead. 
>This way all fonts which are added get lazily loaded.
>Not just 
>fontconfig fonts. 

I just checked latest evas with your modifications.
I have only one complain.
for example my font for fontconfig is "Sans"
fontconfig will return list of fonts:


Current code will load all fonts even if in
Hugefont.ttf there is no japanese glyphs, and
they will stay in memory.
What i did with my patch  in such case:
If there is no glyphs at all in all fonts i
just leave all of them in memory, 
if there is such font i will unload all unneeded
(in example higefont..ttf) fonts. And then move
them in the end of fonts list.


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