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[E-devel] patch to load fonts for missed glyphs (fontconfig)

After previous patch, i saw a complaints that 
now if default font does not have glyphs we do not
have fallback fonts and as result squares insted of
This patch in case there is missing glyph try to load
fonts provided by fontconig and use one which will
unnecessary fonts will be unloaded.
I tested it with japanese and chinese and also with
russian (my default locale).
Let us say i have default font Verdana and russian
locale i have only verdana and vera in memory,when i
go to japanese site(japanese title in mozilla )
kochi.ttf is loaded , then i go to
chinese site one more font loaded .etc

p.s. I am really sorry for function/variable naming .


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Attachment: evas_load_needed_fonts_fc.patch
Description: 93352768-evas_load_needed_fonts_fc.patch