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[E-devel] Some ideas


Watching the E17 CVS apps, I'm thinking about some improvements that
can make things cleaner:

- about config path:
When looking for config files, you always have to search. It can be under:
 * ${HOME} (like eclair, ecore or evidence)
 * ${HOME}/.e (like entropy, exhibit or extrackt)
 * ${HOME}/.e/apps (like enotes, elitaire, elicit, etc)

That's not nice to clutter so much the files ;-) What about putting
all EFL based apps under ${HOME}/.e ? I did start doing patches but I
wonder what the E devs think.

- about fonts
A lot of apps comes with their own fonts, and it's almost always Vera.
The system ends up with a lot of copies of the same fonts in
differents folders. It would save space and be more elegant to make
the EFL apps install their fonts always under
Examples are: evas, etk, edje, ecore, eclair, erss...

If you think it's interesting but you have no time to do it, I can
care about sending patches.


Jerome Pinot