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[E-devel] busy converting - dont touch e's modules!

hey guys - a heads up to make sure
1. i dont have to do extra work
2. i dont get pissed off
3. you dont do extra work
4. you don't get pissed off

can you "not touch" e's modules for the moment - i'm converting them to gadcon

so far i have done start, clock and battery. need to still do cpufreq,
temperature, pager, ibar and ibox. bear with me on this.

i have also remove the config for the cock - frankly - i think it was a bit
overcomplicated for a SIMPLE clock - but i welcome people to make more
"complex" clock modules like tclock etc. - maybe alarm clocks and so on that
have multiple alarms - maybe a calendar etc. i just want to keep the default
clock as simple as possible for now.

this conversion to gadcon cuts the code down considerably too.

anyway - be patient. working on it.

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