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Re: [E-devel] Ecore_exe and shell metacharachters

> On the other hand, I can see that allowing programs to ask ecore_exe
> to use /bin/sh instead of whatever shell the user prefers to use would
> be a good idea.

+1. This is what system in the standard C library does as well. This
way, we can assure the client that we would be executing using the
POSIX shell.

> be a good idea.  Maybe even letting programs choose the shell to use,
> and leave it up to them to detect if the shell exists.  If the program
> asks ecore_exe to use a shell that doesn't exist, then the same thing
> will happen that would normally happen when trying to ecore_exe any
> program that doesn't exist.

I think changing the API to do this would be redundant, and would
unnecessarily complicate things. If the person is really bent on using
csh, he/she could use the command line "exec csh -c 'actual-cmd-line'"
to /bin/sh which ecore_exe uses.


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