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[E-devel] patch to reduce memory consumption of enlightenment caused by fontconfig

I tried to profile e to see why do i have 40Mb in
I used script which check /proc//smaps
So i got after restart:
VMSIZE:      40232 kb
RSS:         19860 kb total
              2258 kb shared
              2304 kb private clean
             12444 kb private dirty

I found out that a lot of memory used for loaded fonts
by fontconfig and because i have a lot of them in 
/usr/share/fonts and some of them like kochi and
mikachan are huge i have that 40 Mb. 

I made a patch for evas, now we load only first font
which match criteria , not a full list returned by 
fontconfig , for example with current code if i load
"Verdana" evas + fontconfig load total 37 fonts with
patch only first one - Verdana.ttf
After applying patch i have:
VMSIZE:      19472 kb
RSS:         11772 kb total
              2104 kb shared
              2308 kb private clean
              7360 kb private dirty

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