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Re: [E-devel] Re: Problems compiling Eterm in current CVS

On Sunday, 02 April 2006, at 19:46:37 (+0800),
Didier Casse wrote:

> I got it. There's a permission problem in CVS. A chmod +x of the
> file fixed the problem. I had the same thing with Etk's gendoc. The
> permission setting has to be fixed in CVS.

Sorry, this is my fault.  We had some permissions problems in the
transition, and the only feasible way to fix them quickly enough was
to remove execute permissions from everything and put them back on a
case-by-case basis.  Clearly I missed some spots.

I've fixed the Eterm stuff and the gendoc scripts.  Please let me know
if you all find any other such oversights on my part, and I'll get
them corrected as quickly as I can.


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