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Re: [E-devel] FC5 & X.org X11R7 with entrance

Didier Casse wrote:
On 4/2/06, David Sharp <whereami@gmail.com> wrote:

My first thought when seeing this script was that it might run more
than one copy of enlightenment if it is installed in both places, or
if there are some strange symlinks that make the two paths equivalent.
Breaking the loop after the exec might be prudent.

If you install CORRECTLY enlightenment, this shouldn't be a concern.
This is precisely why we have RPMS in Fedora. It ensures that you're
not messing with the system or installing in an haphazard manner.

With kind regards,

Depends what you mean by CORRECTLY. Building from CVS (and that is what I desire to do) & running "make install" does the installation. I am installing in the default locations (i.e. /usr/local).

I am not exactly a "rookie" at building e17 from CVS. For months I had been doing it sucessfully with FC4.

I fall in the user category of "knows enough to be dangerous".

When e17 is someday officially released into the community I will get onboard with rpms. But not now.