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[E-devel] Buffer canvas and transparent background

Hi all,

I've been quite out of the loop for a while (new job, relocated), so I
haven't been following evas changes very well.  I've just upgraded from to 026 and I've noticed a change in behavior in the buffer
canvas with respect to transparent (or rather I guess "undefined")

Previously (with 022 and possibly other versions prior to 026) if I, for
example, added a bit of text or an image to an otherwise empty canvas
using the buffer engine, I could move the object without any artifacting
problems.  This is in contrast with the X11 engine, for example, where I
would often see artifacting in the object's previous position.  For X11
engine, this behavior is understandable.  But now, in 026, I'm seeing
this same issue in the buffer engine too.  If I move an object on a
buffer canvas whose background is transparent, I see random artifacts in
its previous position.  This issue persists in cvs as of today.

I hope this is accidental behavior and not intentional.  We (the Freevo
project) use evas's buffer engine to provide OSD over mplayer and xine,
and transparent background is essential.  I haven't waded through any of
evas's source yet to try to isolate the problem, but I was hoping it
might be an issue easily recognized by a core developer :)

Happy to provide more info.  Let me know.