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[E-devel] FC5 & X.org X11R7 with entrance

I am not able to use the same tricks of integrating entrance in to FC5 that I had used for FC4. I think it may be that X11R7 & its modular approach is what is different. From the FC5 release notes:

21.3. X.org X11R7 Developer Overview

The following list includes some of the more visible changes for developers in X11R7:

The entire buildsystem has changed from |imake| to the GNU |autotools| collection.

Libraries now install |pkgconfig| |*.pc| files, which should now always be used by software that depends on these libraries, instead of hard coding paths to them in |/usr/X11| |R6/lib | or

Everything is now installed directly into |/usr| instead of |/usr/X11| |R6|. All software that hard codes paths to anything in |/usr/X11| |R6| must now be changed, preferably to dynamically detect the proper location of the object. Developers are *strongly* advised against hard-coding
   the new X11R7 default paths.

Every library has its own private source RPM package, which creates a runtime binary
   subpackage and a |-devel| subpackage."


On boot cannot seem to find display. No locked up keyboard, just flashing display with text warnings. Is entrance "looking for love in all the wrong places"? How about the make-install script? X appears to now be in /usr/bin for FC5.

Didier: Curious to know how you got around this with the rpm package. Sym link hack?