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[E-devel] dr17 study

Hello guys :)

We are a team of french students (at ENSEIRB, an engineering school in Bordeaux), and we are studying the e17 project as an example of open source project. We'd like to find out more about how things work from the inside, from any developer's point of view. So we have compiled here our main questions for those who are willing to help us..
Feel free to answer further than the actual question, we are looking for a real insight! :)

Sorry in advance for those who are not interested, you can just skip this mail ;)

-First, what is the nick under which u commit ?

-What is your role in the E project?

-Which country do u code from?

-Who are the programmers you consider to be the "core" of the project?

-Who are those you actually ask for help when you need some ( e.g. about compatibility issues)?

-Do you use means of communicating with the rest of the devs other than irc and the mailing lists? Do you find it (irc and MLs) entirely suited to your needs?

-When there is a decision concerning the whole team you wish to see taken, how do u see to that?

-Have you developed links with some devs that go beyond working on the same project?

-How much time do you spend doing e17 developing (per week and per day, depending on the day)?

-What do you do aside from Enlightenment?

-When, why and how did you join the E project?

-Do you think major changes have occurred since that time?

-Is there any recurrent problem you find to be responsible of unnecessary extra work/loss of time for you or the team?

Well, thanks for reading, and greater thanks for answering us if you do.. :)
Code be with you! ;)