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Re: [E-devel] Re: E CVS: libs/emotion mej

On Thursday, 30 March 2006, at 08:36:11 (+0200),
Vincent Torri wrote:

> I don't know much about the name of rpm packages, but right now,
> emotion can use gstreamer 0.10, and I think that the plugin package
> should be something like:
> gstreamer-plugins-base
> Can you check that ?

The suffix -base isn't used very often; in fact, I can't think of any
right now off the top of my head.  What I've seen used is "-common".

The values I added were accurate for cAos and should work with any
reasonably compliant RPM-based distro.  (The -devel packages should
require any base libraries they need for building.)

Is there something specific you ran into trouble with?


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