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Re: [E-devel] entrance autodetect.sh integration.


Le mercredi 08 mars 2006 à 17:03 -0500, Michael Jennings a écrit :
> > The autodetect.sh script tries to figure out the proper vt to use
> > for the currently running system, so it probably should not be run
> > by package builders.
> If it's part of "make install" is WILL BE RUN by package builders. 
Unless you add something like this before running configure script :
perl -pi -e "s|sh data/config/autodetect.sh|#sh \
data/config/autodetect.sh|" Makefile.in

If there was a configure option to (enable or) disable the autodetect.sh
script, it could also be a (cleaner) solution.

Best regards,

Guillaume B.