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[E-devel] Pager Dragging

I just commited a patch to update pager dragging and forgot a few things in 
the commit message. 

First, I added a config option for drag resistance. Since the pager's config 
isn't versioned, it'll default to 0. Either nuke the config 
(~/.e/e/config/default/mod.pager.cfg) or go into the advanced config and set 
a new one (the true default is 3 px). If you don't do this, its easy to 
accidentally drag windows around when you mean to switch desktops.

Next, for any themes that copied the default (95% of them?), you will need to 
turn mouse events on for the pager window part (i.e. remove the 
"mouse_events: 0;" line). Otherwise, ALL windows under the mouse will move, 
instead of just the topmost one.