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Re: [E-devel] Requirements for a mirror of anon CVS

Hawkwind wrote:
> Since the new CVS is up and running, I was wondering if someone that
> knows all of the exact requirements for a user like myself to run a
> mirror of anon CVS could post those things for everyone to view and
> see.
> Things like what apps we would need our host to provide us with, if we
> need root access, how much space it requires and those types of
> things.  I think this would be very beneficial for anyone like myself
> who is thinking of possibly doing a mirror of CVS since I have plenty
> of space and bandwidth on my webhosting package.

Maybe raster or KainX has some comments on mirror policy, we haven't
discussed that yet.

As far as requirements...  Most of the webhosting packages won't support
a cvs mirror, unless you can get them to install additional applications
and open the pserver port for cvs.  A VPS with support or root access
and your own ability to install programs will work.  The viewcvs I
posted is hosted at rapidvps.com (and could support anon cvs access

You currently need 785M of space for the repository, as in:
> du -s
784996  .

You need cvs installed, the network port for cvspserver(tcp/2401) open,
and incoming services (inetd/xinetd) needs to handle incoming cvspserver
on an attach request.

There are some other options, but not for direct anon cvs access.  You
can read about more secure ways to setup anon cvs and other options at: