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Re: [E-devel] FC5 app builds from anon CVS - feedback

On Mon, 27 Mar 2006 21:17:42 -0600 Laurence Vanek <lvanek@charter.net>

> all compiled without error.  during "make install" I got this from
> entrance:
> ===============
> sh data/config/autodetect.sh || :
> Searching for the first unused virtual terminal (vt) or a running X.
> No suitable virtual terminal (vt) found.
> This script is looking at the vts you are currently using to
> determine which one should be used for X.  X need not be running, but
> you should at least be running in multi user mode so that the vts
> normally used for text terminals and such are in use.  If you got
> this message and you are running in multi user mode, then there is
> probably a bug, please let me know the details.
> onefang@gmail.com
> You could pick a vt manually and run this command (assuming you
> picked vt7) -
> sudo ecore_config -c /etc/entrance_config.cfg -k /entranced/xserver
> -s "/usr/X11R 6/bin/X -quiet -nolisten tcp vt7"

Due to a race condition in X that can lock up your keyboard when you
don't explicitly tell it what VT to use, entrance tries to figure out
what VT it should use on your system when you build it.  Usually it can
find your current X, but if you are not running X at the time, it tries
something else.  Sometimes this automatic searching wont work and
manual intervention is needed.  All this is explained in the message
that you cut and paste into your email.  I suggest you read that
message and do what it says. 

> enhance doesnt build without exml which doesnt configure:
> ==========
> configure.in:95: required file `exml.spec.in' not found

Something was accidentally left out of cvs before the dev cvs was
switched off.  It has since been added, but the new cvs is not fully
operational yet, so you will have to wait a while before you can get
that fixed.

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