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Re: [E-devel] FC5 & anon CVS build of Eterm

Didier Casse wrote:
On 3/27/06, Laurence Vanek <lvanek@charter.net> wrote:
got this while attempting to build Eterm:

checking for snprintf... yes
checking for strcasestr... yes
checking for strcasechr... no
checking for strcasepbrk... no
checking for strrev... no
checking for nl_langinfo... yes
./configure: line 22440: syntax error near unexpected token `echo'
./configure: line 22440: `echo "$as_me:$LINENO: checking for pow in -lm"

This looks familiar, thought this got fixed some time ago.

I had no problems building libast.

Everybody I know (till now!) using FC5 can't build libast. What' s
your secret? Can you post the src rpm somewhere for download, if you
don' t mind? I want to have a look if there' s something that might
have escaped me.

The thing is an FC4 build of both Eterm and libast works fine in FC5.

With kind regards,

Yum/apt repository for DR17/EFL: http://sps.nus.edu.sg/~didierbe

Didier F.B Casse
PhD candidate, Singapore Synchrotron Light Source (SSLS)
National University of Singapore.

Didier -

For libast didnt do anything very complicated. I did not build via source rpm. Built directly from anon CVS tree downloaded on 3/26/2006.

My CVS tree located in ~/
simply did:

as user:


as root (su):

make install

(for me ignorance is bless)