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Re: [E-devel] Eloquence

phriedrich wrote:
> Which version of e and eloquence are you running? My e is about one week
> olde (because of the CVS problems) but I had no problems at all.
> Maybe cleaning away your ~/.e/e/config/default/*eloquence* helps.
Sorry, it's not the configuration dialog per se -- i did some more
troubleshooting (after removing all eloquence cfg files) and it appears
the e segfault happens ONLY when
- configuration is set to amarok
- left click on the OPTIONS to bring up the menu
- if you select configuration it works -- i was getting confused because
- if you go near "Control Player", e segfaults (but is restartable from
the segfault window unless i'm using the blokkie theme).

Control Player works if I use XMMS or audacious. 

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