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Here ya go:

Login:    rephorm
IRC Nick: rephorm
Name:     Brian Mattern
Location: Austin, Tx USA
E-Mail:   rephorm@rephorm.com
WWW:      http://rephorm.com
Managing: Elicit, Iconbar, Engrave, Express, Esmart_Container (and possibly 
Euphoria in the near future)

ssh key attached


On Monday 20 March 2006 22:14, Carsten Haitzler wrote:
> If you are sending your developer info so we can create new accounts and
> keep track of who is who/where/what they do etc. please fill out this "text
> form" so it's easy for me to not have to retype it (replace X with your
> info):
> Login:    X
> IRC Nick: X
> Name:     X
> Location: X
> E-Mail:   X
> WWW:      X
> Managing: X
> An example:
> Login:    raster
> IRC Nick: raster
> Name:     Carsten Haitzler
> Location: Tokyo, Japan
> E-Mail:   raster@rasterman.com
> WWW:      http://www.rasterman.com
> Managing: Core EFL (evas, eet, edje, embryo, ecore), imlib2 & friends,
> emotion, enlightenment (0.17 and beyond), some of the e web site.
> Also attach your ssh public key. What is this? it is a key used to access
> cvs securely over ssh without needing a password. if you have one - you
> will know what it is, so attach it. if not you can generate a key. a
> command to do this is:
> ssh-keygen -t dsa -f ~/.ssh/id_dsa
> for example - the send us your ~/.ssh/id_dsa.pub (not the private key file
> - the pub one!).
> anyway - send this to me and i will note it all down and when cvs is moved
> accounts will be created and when we announce you should have access again.
ssh-dss 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 rephorm@boru