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Re: [E-devel] Eloquence

On Wed, 22 Mar 2006 16:03:01 -0600
Brian Mattern <brian.mattern@gmail.com> wrote:

> On Wednesday 22 March 2006 14:46, phriedrich wrote:
> > I think we should have the modules-section of get-e.org mentioning
> > all the modules, maybe even the ones coming with e itself and have
> > a note like "built in" or "get it from cvs" or something like that. I
> > just guess this would looking much better (or impressive :)
> How about releasing tarballs at stable points in module dev, and
> sticking those up on get-e? The modules are in cvs to facilitate
> development (and not as an alternative distribution method), so its
> still up to the maintainer to release packages (binary or source) for
> distribution. Assuming the autofoo is working properly, it should only
> require a 'make dist' and an upload. :)

I think this would be a good idea. Stable snapshots of the modules on
get-e.org and the devel-versions on CVS. 
But nevertheless, I'd also mention CVS-only modules on get-e.org, just
because a list of all our great modules would look more impressive.

Best regards,

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