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Re: [E-devel] Eloquence

On Wednesday 22 March 2006 14:46, phriedrich wrote:

> There's only one small point about modules and CVS in but this is not
> eloquence specific: All the modules that were taken to the CVS are not
> longer appearing on get-e. This isn't a problem for us using CVS and know
> what modules are in, but for a person from outside looking on get-e.org
> this looks if only a few modules are available.
> I think we should have the modules-section of get-e.org mentioning
> all the modules, maybe even the ones coming with e itself and have
> a note like "built in" or "get it from cvs" or something like that. I
> just guess this would looking much better (or impressive :)

How about releasing tarballs at stable points in module dev, and sticking 
those up on get-e? The modules are in cvs to facilitate development (and not 
as an alternative distribution method), so its still up to the maintainer to 
release packages (binary or source) for distribution. Assuming the autofoo is 
working properly, it should only require a 'make dist' and an upload. :)