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Re: [E-devel] Eloquence

On 3/22/06, phriedrich <phriedrich@gmx.de> wrote:
> Hi,
> thanks for bringing this topic up.
> I think we could do this without getting into problems as eloquence is
> pretty stable right now and is to compiled and running without any
> problems as far as I know, I got very positive feedback for it within
> last time.
> In past I were successful at keeping it compatible with the development
> of e and I'll keep updating it in the future.

I know in the past when I've had problems and asked you on IRC or
posted my error here to the ML you were quick to respond and get it
fixed and working and uploaded a new version.  We all need coders to
be like that, and we appreciate that kind of work :)

> There's only one small point about modules and CVS in but this is not
> eloquence specific: All the modules that were taken to the CVS are not
> longer appearing on get-e. This isn't a problem for us using CVS and know
> what modules are in, but for a person from outside looking on get-e.org
> this looks if only a few modules are available.

I have to totally agree with this.  Just because a module is put into
CVS doesn't mean it shouldn't be spoken about or linked to on
get-e.org.  I strongly believe that the more modules we show to have
that are actively maintained, the more users will want to try it.  Yes
I know that since it's beta software, that's probably not the best
thing to do.  But if I were to look at get-e.org and saw a list of the
available modules, whether built in or not, it would surely grab my
attention and make me curious.

> I think we should have the modules-section of get-e.org mentioning
> all the modules, maybe even the ones coming with e itself and have
> a note like "built in" or "get it from cvs" or something like that. I
> just guess this would looking much better (or impressive :)
> Best regards,
> Friedrich

With kind regards,

Cliff Wade
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