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Re: [E-devel] Eloquence


thanks for bringing this topic up.
I think we could do this without getting into problems as eloquence is
pretty stable right now and is to compiled and running without any
problems as far as I know, I got very positive feedback for it within
last time.

In past I were successful at keeping it compatible with the development
of e and I'll keep updating it in the future.

There's only one small point about modules and CVS in but this is not
eloquence specific: All the modules that were taken to the CVS are not
longer appearing on get-e. This isn't a problem for us using CVS and know
what modules are in, but for a person from outside looking on get-e.org
this looks if only a few modules are available.

I think we should have the modules-section of get-e.org mentioning
all the modules, maybe even the ones coming with e itself and have
a note like "built in" or "get it from cvs" or something like that. I
just guess this would looking much better (or impressive :)

Best regards,

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