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On Thursday, 23 March 2006, at 06:10:47 (+1000),
David Seikel wrote:

> Poor low bandwidth me would really like to see some sort of local
> cvs fixup script.  Don't care what language, as long as it's simple
> and works.

Here's what I used.  It worked for me.

find . -name Root -print | xargs perl -pi -e 's,cvs1?\.sourceforge\.net:/cvsroot/enlightenment,cvs.enlightenment.org:/cvs/e,g'

> Don't know if it's possible, but I think it would be a good idea to
> move evidence as well, if Azundris is willing, and bring it in from
> the cold.

That's entirely up to Azundris.  If she wants to move, we're more than
happy to have her.

> I have had to submit patches in the past when I have changed an EFL
> API that evidence used, it would be a lot simpler if I could just
> apply the API fixes directly.  On the other hand, maybe evidence
> could be declared dead, and we can ignore it next time someone makes
> an EFL API change that breaks it.  This current limbo state that it
> is in is not doing anybody any good.  On the gripping claw, someone
> that likes to fix things when API changes break them (like me for
> instance) could be given dev access to evidence for the express
> purpose of fixing it when it gets broken.

I spoke with Azundris and confirmed that it is not dead.  It's just
resting.  :-)


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