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[E-devel] menu redesign


I was just thinking about the e17 menu. When i click on the screen, i get a 
huge menu, and most of its submenus doesn't really have meaning.
My e17 menu would look like this( of course, i shortened ;)):
	Run command	
	Desktops >
	Windows >
	Config >
	About E17
	About theme
	Lock screen
	Exit e17

Gadgets menu doesn't really have meaning, because clicking on a gadget offers 
'edit mode'. Or it could be inside the Conf menu. Favourites menu often very 
disturbing, so i suppose it could be reached by left-click(as now).
Lock screen shouldn't be inside the Desktops menu, it is a wrong place for it.
Lost windows could be a separate part of windows, but not a submenu.
That's what i wanted

Peter Parkanyi