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Re: [E-devel] imlib2 loaders location

On Tuesday, 21 March 2006, at 14:39:59 (-0500),
Bruno Lagendyk wrote:

> Presently, the loaders directory is apparently hard-coded to a
> sub-directory of the installation location of imlib2
> (PACKAGE_LIB_DIR/imlib2/loaders).
> Is  there presently an easy way to either
> 1- Have the loaders be located relative to an
>     environment variable defined path ?; or
> 2- Set the path to the loaders via the API ?; or
> 3- Have the default loaders directly compiled in the library ?; or
> 4- Have the loaders simply found by setting the LD_LIBRARY_PATH
>     environment variable appropriately ?
> If not, I am thinking of implementing option 2.  Anyone interrested
> ?

What happens if a setuid/setgid app is talked into loading a malicious
loader?  The hard-coded method is far safer.  If you need loaders
elsewhere, change PACKAGE_LIB_DIR at build time.


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