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[E-devel] EMI prototype

Title: EMI prototype


Like MTV, I'm going to give you an EMI (Enlightenment Module Installer). This program is a quick and dirty prototype for download and install modules in E17.

It downloads an xml from a web server with the info about the available modules (in this case it downloads from www.pon-e.org, but it could be a good idea to do it configurable). The xml looks like http://www.pon-e.org/downloads/modulos/modules.xml (of course  the info must be completed).

Once the info is downloaded, it shows an entry per module, clicking on one of them shows the info, and the user only need to click on the "install" button to get the module installed

The used libraries are ETK

Known issues:

- it freezes when starts (Is because of the module info download)
- it freezes when install a module (Is because of the download of the source and its compilation)
- Few checks... so is posible it gives you a segfault if you try "somethig strange"
- the code has a lot of printf (I use it for debug :) )
- the version of the stocks module that is available from the web is old :)

what do you think about the idea? could it be useful? any comment is welcome

P.S. sorry for my poor english

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