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[E-devel] Crasher ... switch to an app that's closing

Hi all.

I have a sort-of reproducible bug.
If you try to switch to an app which is in the process of shutting down, and you do it at *just* the right moment, Enlightenment-0.17 will crash.
I've done this only about 3 times over probably more than a year of usage.

This particular time, I hit the 'close' button on a vmware-player window. When this app gets the close signal, it actually minimises itself, and then proceeds to shutdown ( which includes saving the current VM state, which takes a while, hence the minimising first ). After hitting close, I went to switch to another app by middle-clicking on the desktop, but I missed the other app, and hit vmware-player accidentally. Then everything came down in a heap :)

Sorry I don't have any debugging info.

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