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SF.NET has been getting worse of late with anon CVS and even DEVELOPER CVS is suffering. as an interim move until we get our own server on-line, we are moving to an external dev CVS.

This means - if you have work pending, get it INTO CVS NOW. NOW NOW NOW. COMMIT your work. I am setting a deadline for Wednesday next week (a soft deadline), and after then at some point everyone will have developer CVS commit access turned off. CVS will be moved over next weekend and should be fully working by the end of the weekend. That means the WEEK AFTER NEXT WEEK, ALL developers will NEED to ask for their developer access again. That means ask for an account and provide and SSH public key (ssh2 keys, not ssh1). Do not ask for them now - wait.

If you have CVS access and are not on the devel or intl lists - you have no business having CVS write access, so anyone saying "sorry - I didn't know as I wasn't on the list" will not have access restored - they will need to basically ask for developer access again and prove that they will do good work etc.

Now this time, in addition I want to keep much better track of our developers. That means we want:

1. a login name
2. an irc nick if you use irc.
3. a real full name
4. a location (country, major city at minimum - full address if you want to give it)
5. an "always working" email address (not some throw-away spam account you use)
6. what YOU think you are in charge of in cvs (eg "engage" or "translations for e" or "e16" etc.)
7. your own personal web page (if you have one).
8. your ssh public key

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