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Re: [E-devel] CVS mirrors...

Anders Troback wrote:
> Hi,
> I read about all the problems with anonymous CVS on SF lately and was
> thinking about a solution. This is just a tough so bare with me...
> I'm a FreeBSD user and all source code for FreeBSD and all the ports are
> stored in CVS servers all around the world with a mirror framework. If
> it works so well in the FreeBSD wonderland why would it not work in the
> land of E? Can't we setup some mirrors that checkout the code from SF?
> The main idea is that all developers are working against SF. Some
> develop accounts checkout the code, lets say once an hour, and
> distributes the code with anonymous CVS to all the users.
> \\troback

Yeah, the problem has been that sf doesn't support pulling the code for
a mirror.  We've managed to work around that.  But it won't be hourly,
we're shooting for twice a day at the moment.