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[E-devel] Entrance Background Themeing


Gotten a bit freetime on my hands lately, and been trying to do something with it.

Entrance has a TODO item, which mentions spliting out the Background Edje from the Main theme edje and i've started working on it. I just want to confirm no one else is working on it so we don't duplicate effort (and if there is, we can collaborate on that).

Currently, I have it working on my box. I split out the background from the data/themes/default.edc into a data/themes/background.edc, then i created a new background_edje for the main evas canvas, that loads this background, before going ahead to load the default theme (which is now transparent).

In the background theme, i set the part to be loaded to 'entrance/background' taking a cue from E that looks for 'desktop/background'.

There are some things remaining before it is properly done.

1. Background choosing scheme priorities:
   First: User Specified At command line (-b option)
   Second: Previously configured background-theme from session->config
Third: E-theme supplied (so the theme can specify an Entrance background)
   Fourth: The default background theme that comes with Entrance itself.

2. Easy configuration of this (and probably other aspects of Entrance). I've actually been thinking it would be nice for a Entrance Config to look and feel like the rest of E's configs, so i was thinking of an Entrance configuration module, but doing that would make entrance dependent on E, and users may not be able to mix and match Entrance/GNOME or Entrance/Fluxbox without installing E as well. Any ideas here?

Anyways, i think that the background themeing can be done without a UI config _ATM_.

Also, do i begin to send in my patches so far? Or do i wait to have the full picture before i send the patch? I know _big_ patches are not really liked by anyone.

Finally... any ideas?