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Re: [E-devel] EWL Test App

On 3/12/06, dan sinclair <zero@perplexity.org> wrote:

If you're interested in doing some learning about EWL this is an
excellent opportunity. You can dig in, play with things, and then fill
out a tutorial on the widget. Take a look a the src/bin/tests/ewl_text.c
for an idea on how to do the tutorial.

This is definitely a good way for people to get involved. Tutorials are small and easy to digest, but more interesting than most docs as you actually write code to develop them and they don't require massive time commitments.

The nice thing about the way these tutorials are setup is that they are not only pulled into the test application, but they also get included in the doxygen documentation. We currently have a large amount of API documentation (500+ pages when dan last generated a PDF), but would definitely benefit from accompanying tutorials to explain how these API's are used in more depth. If you are interested in getting involved, and have questions please email the list, dan or I, or stop in #edevelop on irc.freenode.net.