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Re: [E-devel] EWL Test App

We are also hoping, time permitting, to integrate some more tutorial type information to the test application. So currently, when you run your test, it will show the source code for that particular test in one of the tabs. We want to also show a tutorial style introduction to that widget as well. Help people get introduced and learn about the different widgets.

This piece is done and in cvs. You can take a look by running the ewl_test application, expand the simple tests, click 'text' and then click the 'tutorial' tab. Gives a bit of information on the Ewl_Text widget.

These tutorials are going to be put into the src/bin/tests/ewl_*.c files. They are doxy so they also show up in the doxygen generated for EWL. (To make the tutorial show up in the doxy you have to make sure you update the corresponding src/lib/ewl_*.c file to use @addtogroup instead of @defgroup. @defgroup is the default for all widgets at the moment, we haven't had time to move them over to @addtogroup yet)

If you're interested in doing some learning about EWL this is an excellent opportunity. You can dig in, play with things, and then fill out a tutorial on the widget. Take a look a the src/bin/tests/ewl_text.c for an idea on how to do the tutorial.

The parser for this stuff is still pretty young and untested so it may have issues. If you find something let me know and I'll try to get it fixed up as quick as possible.