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[E-devel] about the xcb xrender engine


i would like to point out some details about the xcb xrender engine.

1) There is a leak of 28 bytes, located in evas_engine_xrender.c. I create
an format info line 98 with the function XCBRenderFindVisualFormat. This
function returns a newly allocated format info. I've tried to removed that
leak, but without success.

2) valgrind reports a leak because of the fonts that are created, but not
freed (if i'm not mistaken). After some discussion with raster, he told me
that the fonts are in the cache; so it's only valgrind is a bit pedantic.
I don't really know what to do about that.

3) There are 2 functions that are not implemented (in
evas_engine_xrender.c) : _xr_render_surface_line_draw and _xre_poly_draw.
With Xlib, they rely on really ugly code (author's comment (Keith
Packard)). So i've not been able to code them. If someone has an idea
about them, feel free to propose a way to do them.

finally, with the evas bench, xlib is always a bit faster than xcb. (0.2
fps on my computer. But it is slooooooow)