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Re: [E-devel] The new menu generator is ready for testing, again.

On Fri, 10 Mar 2006 08:35:20 -0600 "Chad R. Kittel" <vertigo@wi.rr.com>

> The output when i ran e17genmenu is this:
> Total time 3.397 seconds, finding fdo paths 1.999, converting fdo
> menus 0.000, generating 0 (rejected 0) eaps in 0 menus 0.989, finding
> icons 0.279, generating eap caches 0.130.
> however, after looking in the menu, it DID create some icons!!
> It created 6 "sub menus" under "Generated Menus" (things like "Games"
> and "Internet". And did create some eaps (lucky number 13 to be exact)
> in those sub-menus. I have neither Gnome nor KDE installed, so the
> only applications it is going to pick up are just .desktop files the
> individual application's 'make install' put in the proper places.

I really must pull my finger out and reword that stats line.  There
are two passes at making menus, the "Generated Menus" pass, and the
"Converted Menus" pass.  The stats are for the converted menus pass,
which tries to convert fdo menus and put them into the "Converted
Menus" sub menu.  The "Generated Menus" pass just looks for .desktop
files in likely places.  In your case, it looks like there are no fdo
menus to convert, and a small handful of .desktop files in likely
places that where installed by "make install" as you said.

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