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Re: [E-devel] .eap files for modules


I see in your changes that the logic is now as follows in e_apps.c:
 * Get language from LANG environment variable
 * Get canonic form for language
 * Store localized property

I have a few suggestions:
 1. You could easily get the language from the function e_intl_language_get()
 2. The language might a an alias (Example: japanese.euc), It would be better to use the function e_intl_locale_alias_get() to resolve the alias for the language(Example: ja_JP.eucJP).

So we would end up with:
 * Get language from e_intl_language_get()
 * Resolve any language aliases with e_intl_locale_alias_get()
 * Get only the relevant parts from the locale with  e_intl_locale_canonic_get()
 * Store localized property

What do you think?
 Maybe I should cache the resolved alias for the current locale in e_intl.

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