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Re: [E-devel] wavy text?

On Thu, 09 Mar 2006 05:09:56 +0100 Morten Nilsen <morten@nilsen.com> babbled:

> recently, I've noticed some weird bugs in text rendering.. attached 
> image shows this in extrackt (etk app) but I also see it in the 
> configuration window of e17 itself..
> Is this a known issue, or is it unique to my setup?
> running e was built 5 days ago, extrackt (and all deps) was checked out 
> and built today

i don't see it. its something with your freetype2 and the way its reporting geometry/offsets and/or rendering glyphs. i notice your text is fuzzy too - not crisp.clear. it looks like the autohinter is compiled in and being used as the only hinter and its doing things wrong/badly.

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