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Re: [E-devel] entrance autodetect.sh integration.

On Thursday, 09 March 2006, at 07:54:38 (+1000),
David Seikel wrote:

> I have not tried it from a package builders point of view.

Then perhaps you should.  Or at least try to comprehend such a point
of view before you change things of which you may have an inaccurate
or incomplete understanding.

> The autodetect.sh script tries to figure out the proper vt to use
> for the currently running system, so it probably should not be run
> by package builders.

If it's part of "make install" is WILL BE RUN by package builders.

> They should probably choose a vt and configure that manually.  The
> pam part just wants to clone a pam config file from whatever other
> display manager is currently installed at the time, so the same
> applies.

Neither of these should be run as part of "make install."  They should
only happen as a result of an individual user's choice when

> I'll be the first to admit that my autofoo fu is non existent, I had
> a hard enough time coming up with what I eventually committed.
> Sorting it out for package builders might be beyond me current
> skills.

Then leave what was already there.


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