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Re: [E-devel] entrance autodetect.sh integration.

David Seikel wrote:
On Tue, 28 Feb 2006 18:30:35 +1000 David Seikel <onefang@gmail.com>

I say we should add autodetect.sh to the things that are done during
make install.  I will do so after a suitable period for discussion
unless someone objects, or someone beats me to it.

It's been a week, and no one complained.  I'll do it tonight, that's
sure to bring the complaints out of the wood work.

let me just chime in now then :) took a look at the script, and I have one question and on objection..

-- when building packages, will the script change /etc/entrance_config.cfg, or will it attempt copying /var/tmp/entrance-build-root/etc/pam.d/* ?

in either case, one of these things will break.

-- sudo? why? from a packaging standpoint, needing sudo properly set up to build the package is plain silly.