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[E-devel] Fw: E CVS: apps/e_utils onefang

Forwarded to the Enlightenment developers mailing list to make sure the
copyright assignment is recorded in at least two places.

Begin forwarded message:

Date: Wed, 08 Mar 2006 02:00:09 -0800
From: enlightenment-cvs@lists.sourceforge.net
To: enlightenment-cvs@lists.sourceforge.net
Subject: E CVS: apps/e_utils onefang

Enlightenment CVS committal

Author  : onefang
Project : e17
Module  : apps/e_utils

Dir     : e17/apps/e_utils/src/bin/e17genmenu

Removed Files:

Log Message:
Christopher 'devilhorns' Michael and David 'onefang' Seikel assign all
copyrights and ownership of the contents of the sourceforge.net
enlightenment projects e17/app/e_utils/src/bin/e17genmenu and
e17/apps/e_utils/data/e17genmenu cvs directories to the Enlightenment
Development Team.  We retain the right to be listed in
e17/apps/e_utils/AUTHORS as the original authors of e17genmenu.

This means that the e17/apps/e_utils/COPYING copyright notice and
related files now covers the e17genmenu bits as well.

So we no longer need these three files.  B-)

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