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Re: [E-devel] The new menu generator is ready for testing, again.

Let's try this again, with a new, much simpler test procedure.

Update from cvs, if from anon cvs, wait about four hours for my changes
to get copied there.

Make sure that you install e_utils, and all it's dependencies.

Backup your ~/.e/e/applications/favorite and ~/.e/e/applications/all,
just to be on the safe side.
Run e17genmenu.  The adventurous could try e17genmenu -o.

After that has finished running, E will by unresponsive for a few
minutes.  This is a known issue with the eap cache regeneration.

Send me the last line that is output (the one with the timing stats)
and let me know what distro and CPU speed you tested it on.

This will generate E17 menus based on whatever freedesktop.org menus
you have installed in your system.  It should find all the things that
are supposed to be in your fdo menus.  Not everything will have a
proper icon.  Also, not all the re arranging, categorising, and
deletions/hiding is being done properly yet.  There are still a few big
parts of the fdo menu spec that I haven't written code for yet.

The converted fdo menus will be under "Converted Menus", while the
usual e17genmenu generated menus will be under "Generated Menus", your
favorites should still be there.

If there are major parts of your fdo menus that have not been found,
please find out what directories the .desktop files are in and let me
know what they are.  Same applies if there are .menu files being

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