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Fwd: [E-devel] Elive 0.4.2 Released !

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From: Thanatermesis <thanatermesis.ecvs@gmail.com>
Date: 07-mar-2006 15:04
Subject: Re: [E-devel] Elive 0.4.2 Released !
To: CGA <callea.gaetano.andrea@gmail.com>

2006/3/7, Nathan Ingersoll < ningerso@gmail.com>:

On 3/6/06, Thanatermesis < thanatermesis.ecvs@gmail.com> wrote:

The system not is perfect, i know this, but not is bad, i need to look now for another system to use for the next 0.5 release and im hope a very better thing :)

Have you been in contact with the Ebuntu developers? Might be a good fit as this is also a Debian based distro and they provide a live CD as well.

The system is not perfect... im just not totally satisfied i search the perfection of the system (also if this is imposible, i try to found it), but in reality the system is very good, is based on morphix, and diference to distros based on knoppix (i don't know how to works actually knoppix), morphix is modular, in another words, the liveCD system and "your system" are 2 totally diferents things, then all the "special things needed for the liveCD system" not is involved with the main system, the thing of you install in the hard disk is the main system (created from a debootstrap of debian and a lot of automatized customizations and packages installed), with the configuration autodetected by the liveCD system. The result not is bad, and in another words is very good... but not is perfect.

I don't know the ideas of Ebuntu, but not is a Debian based system, is a Ubuntu based system. Ebuntu is a diferent project, this is not my idea, my idea is to give a fully debian and totally compatible debian system, customized but Debian, for example in Elive, you have the repositories of Debian and Elive enabled by default, when you upgrade the system, you upgrade Debian in the same time to Elive without problems. Elive has only enlightenment for destkops, e16 and e17. I don't want to exit from the Debian system.