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Re: [E-devel] Elive 0.4.2 Released !

On 07/03/06, Thanatermesis <thanatermesis.ecvs@gmail.com> wrote:
Elive 0.4.2 is released, this version is the same version to 0.4 but with a "fast minor bugs" fixed.


The system not is perfect, i know this, but not is bad, i need to look now for another system to use for the next 0.5 release and im hope a very better thing :)


Any recomendation or any thing related with the libs, any package to recomends for developement, minimal tools or console editors... (caution, actually is very limited of size, i don't warranty to include this packages)

Nice to hear this news BUT elive has no license yet. what about it? when will you do this?

Callea Gaetano Andrea