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Re: [E-devel] E16 - problem with composite and gnome 2.12

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Kim Woelders a écrit :
> The change is definitely in gnome. Something has changed in the way
> certain pop-up (override-redirect) windows are handled.
> The problem is a combination of how the e16 composite manager
> handles override-redirect windows, how they are handled by the
> application/toolkit in question, and how the X-server handles
> composite redirection of windows.
> I think the chain of events is:
> 1) Application maps pop-up window
> 2) e16 detects that and does composite redirection of the pop-up
>    window.
> 3) The server does unmap, redirect, map
> 4) The application detects the unmap and decides that the window
>    should be destroyed.
> My guess is that the change is in 4), and that gnome 2.10 did not
> destroy the window on unmap.
> One partial workaround is to disable e16's composite redirection of
> override-redirect windows:
> $ eesh set compmgr.override_redirect.mode 0
> This removes steps 2-4) and makes the pop-up windows usable. However,
> there is a bug in the e16 composite manager causing rendering over the
> unredirected pop-up windows if the window content below changes.
> I intend to fix that before too long.

Thanks, It works (sort of). If the focus change makes the windows
change, then the pop-up disappear.

> I haven't tried it, but I think the problem will be solved in the next
> xorg server version (I believe the fix is in CVS), where the server no
> longer generates unmap/map events around the composite redirection in
> step 3), and step 4) will not occur.

Great :)
I'll search and see if I can test the CVS or apply a patch.

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